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Free N95 Mask Program

Not every worker gets the necessary respirator protection in time, and sometimes they have to put themselves at risk. In response to extreme situations, we have an obligation to help employees who are in hazardous work environments. N95 respirators protect every hardworking employee, and we have an obligation to protect everyone.

We contact mask suppliers all over the world to persuade them to carry out public welfare undertakings and let more new users know about their products.

The brand side donates masks, and in the brand side’s public welfare plan, it gains more reputation and popularity through new users. Through NSCA, public welfare effects and user feedback on products can be ensured.

Suppliers pay shipping and necessary operating expenses, they will eventually courier the product to the user, each PPE partner is scattered in each city, and they also gain future potential customers, N95 in Stock is our excellent Supplier.

The NSCA is also working with other third-party nonprofits to help make this program a success, and they work with us to make sure N95 masks get to those in need.